• Our recipe for a winning user experience.

    Our recipe for a winning user experience.

How do create winning user experiences? It’s all in the i.d.e.a.

Once we understand why your users want your solution and how they will use it, we move straight into our signature i.d.e.a. methodology.

Though the process is customized for every client we serve, a typical project includes these steps:

idea_whitebackg_iThis is a pillar of every project we are involved in. Identifying the “what” and the “why” in scoping every project. Components in this phase may include research, competitive analysis, discovery of system requirements and capabilities, business intelligence assessment. At the end of this phase, we typically provide a roadmap for the project that will include an appropriate strategy (digital, data governance, content, multi-channel, analytics, social, search).

idea_whitebackg_dWhether it’s U/X design or system design, our team ensures that the design solution goes hand-in-hand with the overall project strategy. The design allows us to have discussions with you and the end-users on what the screens and functionality will be before we begin building anything. Components in this phase may include personas/scenarios, prototyping, user interface design, visual design, information architecture, systems/data warehouse designs, data visualization, and usability testing.

idea_whitebackg_eBased on the outcome of the previous steps, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. The empower phase is when we get to work on your custom solutions. Typical components in this phase may include development (HTML5, mobile app, CMS, eCom, CRM, ERP integration, the works), content generation/translation, campaign deployment (social media, AdWords, emails, banners), and change management/training.

idea_whitebackg_aWe always want to make sure that your money is well spent. This means that measurable metrics for success will have been identified at the onset of the project and we will use these to continuously measure the solution’s performance and tweek it when necessary. Components in this phase may include customer behaviour analysis and measuring consumer intent.